Jouni Orenius Agility 2

Welcome to the Pirineos Dog Festival, the biggest canine sports event in Europe.

We are preparing the best dog sports competitions of Agility, Canicross, Dog Frisbee and Obedience, in an authentic paradise, the Tena Valley.
We have prepared the best combination of competition and vacations with our dogs and family.

The chosen place is BIESCAS, in the province of Huesca (Aragon), and there is no better place to do the Pyrenees Dog Festival.
Natural grass football’s field swimming pools, parking with large trees and the river Gállego surrounding everything … a real paradise.

We will update the information of all disciplines.  

Check our provisional calendar of events by clicking here.


If you want to spend an unforgettable vacation, do not hesitate, we are waiting for you !!!


For further questions, email to:

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